EDU 250 – Topics Spring 2018

EDU 250 – Topics

Name Topic
Maddie Gonzalez Recess
Tatiana Oliveira Banned books and censorship
Erikah Haavie Erskine Charter Institute and charter school authorizers
Betsy Morris gifted programs and the underrepresentation of non-white students
Morgan Smith Grade retention
Meredith Dixon School segregation
Addie Robards school-to-prison pipeline
Caroline King Physical activity, elementary education
Kelsey Milian Dual- Enrollment programs/ Early College
Emma Allison Police in schools
Delaney Fleming School lunch, academic achievement
Miller Leeson Special education, inclusion
Greg Peterson School safety, gun control
Matthew Martin probable cause search standard, instead of a reasonable suspicion, for public school students
Evelyn Gould Twins, nature v. nurture
Lauren Hood Unschooling
Samuel Shelton Charter schools
Camilla Bellows early childhood trauma



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