Schedule Spring 2019

EDU 250 (4 undergraduate credits)/ EDRD 750 (3 graduate credits)

Scholarly Reading and Writing in Education

Schedule Spring 2019

HIP – Hipp Hall


Me-Search and Re-Search: A Guide for Writing Scholarly Personal Narrative Manuscripts, Robert Nash and  DeMethra LaSha Bradley. ISBN-13: 978-1617353932

Bracey, G. (2006). Reading educational research: How to avoid getting statistically snookered. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.

Class Session Readings / Topics Assignment
January 14, 2019 Introduction

Local/national media coverage of education:

SC Education Reform

Greenville County legislators push for ‘bold’ education reform

Conservative Politics Fails Public Education Redux

School Safety

A New School Year But the Same Concerns about Safety

School Safety and Security: Research and Evidence

National Narratives about the Reading Wars

From Education Week, the Hechinger Report, and The Answer Sheet

Dear Media, Stop Misrepresenting Reading Instruction, Please

Conversation about the Reading Wars, Sparked by a New Documentary about Literacy Instruction: Q&A with Elizabeth Moje, Dean of the University of Michigan School of Education

Education Week analysis

January 21, 2019 MLK Holiday
January 28, 2019 Nash and Bradley, Pt. I (Chs. 1-4)

Annotated bibliography

UNC Writing Center

OWL here, here, and here

Introductory Terminology

Submitting Assignments

Recommended: On Education

eJournal 1
February 4, 2019 Bracey, Ch. 1

Sample APA essay


Ten simple rules for structuring papers

The Problem with, “Show Me the Research” Thinking

eJournal 2
February 11, 2019 Nash and Bradley, Pt. II (Chs. 5-9)

Jenny Colvin, advanced research

Library Guide

Theory and Practice in Critical Discourse Analysis

eJournal 3
February 18, 2019 Nash and Bradley, Pt. II (Chs. 10-13); Bracey, Ch. 2 eJournal 4
February 25, 2019 Nash and Bradley, Pt. III (Ch. 14); Bracey, Ch. 3 eJournal 5

Major education issue choice for annotated bibliography, research project (cited essay), public piece APPROVAL DUE

March 4, 2019 Spring Break
March 11, 2019 Nash and Bradley, Pt. IV (Chs. 15-19); Bracey, Ch. 4 eJournal 6
March 18, 2019 Workshop Drafts and conferencing

Annotated bibliography DRAFTS DUE

March 25, 2019 Workshop Drafts and conferencing
April 1, 2019 Workshop

Drafts and conferencing

Research project fully formatted, initial submission of essay DUE

April 8, 2019 Workshop Drafts and conferencing
April 15, 2019 Workshop Drafts and conferencing

Public commentary full first submission DUE

April 22, 2019 Easter Break
April 29, 2019 Workshop Drafts and conferencing
May 6, 2019

6 pm

EXAM / Final Portfolio DUE

Email with all assignments as attachment; see final grade sheet for details, requirements.

Portfolio: eJournals 1-6, annotated bibliographies (8-10), research project (8-10 page essay), public piece (750-1000 words)

EDU250.FinalGr.Sp19 copy